6 Powerful Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

How to increase blog traffic is a topic that every blogger is always interested in learning about.

If you have decided to take your mlm business online and you have a blog, it’s no good if you have the most fantastic blog and you are not getting any traffic.

So in this post I want to share with you 6 top tips that you need to be doing that will help increase your blog traffic.

#1 – Increase Blog Traffic By Doing Keyword Research

The first thing you need to when thinking about what to write about is to find out if anybody is looking for information on the topic you are writing about. It’s very important that your blog posts are centred on what people are searching for.

It doesn’t help if you are putting out content that nobody is looking for.

Another way to find out what people are looking for is by participating in forums.

That way, you would have an idea what questions people are asking but I would still recommend that you do a quick keyword research.

You can the google keyword tool which is free. I recently did a post on how to do Google keyword research and you can watch my training video here.

#2 – Increase Blog Traffic By Putting Your Keywords In The Alt Tags Of Your Images

You can make use of the images on your blog to drive more traffic to your MLM blog by putting your keywords into the ‘alt’ tags of the images you use for your blog posts.

Some people do not use the ‘alt’ tags and they are basically throwing away some traffic that could be coming to their MLM blog.


increase blog traffic


#3  – Increase Blog Traffic By Using The Right Plugins

There are a couple of plugins that I use that is very good for optimising your blog for free organic traffic. ‘All In One SEO Pack’ is an excellent on page SEO plugin and it’s free.

Another plugin that you can use that will help you to increase blog traffic is SEO Pressor. SEO Pressor is excellent and will help you with on-page SEO even if you know nothing about optimisation.

I also recommend that you install onlywire and digg digg plugins – they will make it easier for share your content on the social networks.

Using these plugins will give your blog posts a high chance of appearing on page one of Google and will increase blog traffic.

#4  – Increase Blog Traffic by Posting Regularly

Google loves blogs that are updated frequently. It is important that your content is original. I’ve been to many blogs that are updated 3 times one week and nothing for the next two weeks. Google doesn’t like that so you need to make sure that you have content on your blog regularly.

Google is always searching for original content so it would be very helpful if you can produce original content frequently.

#5  – Increase Blog Traffic By Building Quality Backlinks

You will also need to build a lot of backlinks to your posts so that Google sees that your blog posts are relevant and popular.

You can build backlinks by using Article Marketing Robot (AMR) which would submit your blog articles to thousands of directories and TribePro which will help you to get quality backlinks from the social networks.

Blog commenting on other people’s blog (especially blogs with the comment luv plugin) is a powerful way to get backlinks.

I also use Social Monkee which you can use to get up to 25 free backlinks. If you want more backlinks, you can upgrade to the paid membership.

I recently discovered the Automatic Backlink Creator, which is an excellent tool for backlinking.

Another way to get more backlinks and traffic to your blog is by posting your blog post url in relevant Facebook groups and fanpages.

Join many Facebook groups and pages and engage by liking and commenting on other peoples’ post. That way, when you post your own links, it won’t appear to be spam to the rest of the group.

I personally get a lot of traffic from facebook by doing this.

#6  – Increase Blog Traffic By Internal Linking

Having internal linking is about creating links in your blog posts to other relevant posts within your blog.

Internal links will keep your visitors longer  on your blog and will be an indication to Google know that your blog is relevant and popular and will therefore increase blog traffic.

Google is only interested in providing quality information for their users, so if people are staying longer on your blog, that’s a good sign for google that your mlm blog is relevant.


increase blog traffic


Using these strategies will definitely yield great results, however the key is consistency.

When you first out with your blog, traffic may be a little slow, but if you keep at creating original content and following these strategies, you will increase blog traffic.

P.S. Leave me a comment, I would love to hear of any other strategies that are working for you.


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