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If you are reading this article you are probably looking to join FHTM and may be wondering if the FHTM scam stories that you have come across on the internet across are genuine.

So in this review, I will have a thorough look at the company and see if some of these FHTM scam stories have any basis.

Just so you are aware, I am in no way affiliated with FHTM so you can be rest assured that this will be 100% unbiased review.

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing (FHTM) – A Brief Background

FHTM was founded by Paul Orberson and co-founder, Tom Mills in January 2001. Together they have years of experience in network marketing. FHTM expanded in to United Kingdom and Canada within four years and they have been growing at a steady rate.

Their products range from health and beauty products, to entertainment products and they also do communication products as well.

 Fortune Hi Tech Marketing (FHTM) – Compensation

Joining FHTM costs $299 and you get paid in several ways which can be summarised into 3 main ways:  right now income, residual income and incentives and rewards like free luxury holidays.

If you are going to make a good residual income, you will need to build a strong downline. The stronger your team, the more money you and your team will make.

fhtm scam

Why Are there So Many FHTM Scam Stories Around?

From my research, the FHTM Scam does not exist. It’s a net work marketing company and like all network marketing companies, you will have to sponsor people into your downline and build a strong team if you want to make good money.

A lot of people who claim that FHTM is a scam haven’t been able to build a team so they obviously haven’t made any money. Instead of looking into why they are unable to sponsor people, they prefer to resort to the conclusion that FHTM is a scam.

The other group of people who claim that FHTM is a scam have had bad experiences in network marketing and they simply hate the network industry altogether.

This brings me to my next point – what is the root reason for the high failure rate in network marketing?

FHTM Scam – Why Are The Failure Rates High?

The main reason why people fail is because they lack marketing skills. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your products are: if you lack good marketing skills your business is doomed to fail.

A lot of FHTM reps are still marketing in the traditional way of building a list of family and friends. I have nothing against that approach but what happens after you have run out of family and friends. How will you generate leads for your FHTM business?

This is the mistake that I see a lot of FHTM reps making and that’s why a lot of reps are not making money in their business.

If you are in FHTM, my advice to you is this: learn how to market on the internet and generate a fresh supply of leads for your business and you will be fine.

There is no FHTM Scam

FHTM has a solid management team and they have great products too. From my research, I can conclude that  there is no FHTM scam. If you learn the new approach to marketing on the internet, you will be very successful in your FHTM business.


fhtm scam


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