Javita Business Review – Get The Real Facts Here

javitaJavita is a new mlm company that has been creating a lot of buzz lately.

If you are looking for a genuine review about this company that will help you make a well informed decision, you’ve come to the right place!

In this Javita review; I am going to give the facts, no hype, no exaggerations, just the plain facts.

Javita – About The Company

Javita recently launched in June 2011 and like any new mlm launching, there has been a lot of buzz and excitement about the company.

It was started by a group of successful business people who have a passion for coffee and together the owners have a combined total of over 100 years experience in network marketing.

Their headquarters is located in Florida.

Javita – The Products

Javita bases their product line on a product that is consumed by more than half the world’s population – coffee! Coffee is also the second most traded commodity so it seems that they are in the right business.

Their coffee are made with the best organic herbs and ingredients from South America that will give the drinker key health benefits like alertness, extra energy and improved memory and clarity.

Their main product line is Energy and Mind coffee.


Javita – The Compensation Plan

Joining Javita costs $99 for the starter kit. The starter kit is great for someone who wants to check out the company.

The next way to join is with the Business Builder kit which costs $599. This is for serious business people who want to treat it as a proper business. If you are looking to build a serious business with Javita, then this is the kit you would want to buy.

The compensation plan is a unilevel plan which caters for long term income and immediate income.

You earn 30% of all your retail sales and the unilevel plan pays to the 14th level deep at 4%. This is quite a good feature.

There are eight ways of getting paid and you can earn a fast start bonus when you enrol a new team member.

They also have a bonus pool where their top distributors can enjoy a percentage of the company’s total revenue.

Javita – How Do You Make Money With Javita

There are not many Javita reviews that will tell you what I am about to reveal to you.

If you want to make a lot of money and not just a few hundred dollars a month with Javita, you have to learn how to market effectively.

A lot of people jump into similar MLM companies hoping that they can sell to their friends and family. Most times it doesn’t work like that and even if it did for a while, you will eventually run out of friends and family.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to position your business on the internet in front of people who are already interested in a home business.

I don’t mean pasting your company’s website link all over facebook (because that doesn’t work either) but really learning how to market and attract people to you so that you don’t have to chase them. They come to you and ask you for more information about your company.

If you can get your marketing right, you will be very successful in Javita.



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