How to Build A Massive MLM Downline Stress Free

mlm downlineOne of the main challenges faced by many network marketers is how to build a strong MLM downline.  As a matter of fact, 97% of network marketers are failing in their MLM businesses.

To succeed in your network marketing there are three critical activities that must be happening in your business otherwise you will fall into the 97% of marketers who end up broke.

#1 – Find a way to sponsor two to three representatives weekly

I can hear you saying, how can I do that, I’m struggling to sponsor one rep a month. One of the things I came to realise after wandering around in shopping malls and parking lots is that people only do business with people.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your compensation plan is, if you don’t have a relationship with people and if you don’t have value to give them, they will not join you, period! You need to constantly connect with people.

One of the best ways of connecting with people, sponsoring them into your MLM business, and building a powerful MLM downline is through Attraction Marketing.

#2 – Have a system in place that gets your new representatives started right

It’s very important to have a system that helps to get your new rep started right so that they can start to build a strong MLM downline and be in profit within their first 30 days.

A good start could be a video, webinar or audio that is handed down to them immediately they enrol in your business. The purpose of the video should be to help your new sponsor have a proper understanding of the basics of your business and the next steps required for them to take.

If your company doesn’t have an appropriate video, you need to make your own video for your team – remember it’s your business.  After they have watched it and you are sure that they understand it, don’t leave them alone.

Help them make their first activities in their business happen.

A good thing to do would be to book their first meeting, it could be a conference call meeting, a webinar or a home meeting and then help them with their first couple of meetings until they are comfortable to hold their own meetings.

#3- Make sure that your system is being duplicated across your team

The power of duplication is what help you build a strong downline and will keep you in business for a long time. When you have a system in place, it is easier to duplicate it across your team and everyone will be on the same page at any given time.

Of course not everyone will duplicate you, but you need to have a system in place for those who are willing to put in the work.

Going back to what I said earlier about having a video or webinar that new representatives can immediately plug into, that is a good example of how to create duplication in your team. So when people join your business either 2 levels deep or 10 levels deep, everyone is going through the same process.

I strongly encourage you to think about systems you need to have in place in your business to create duplication.

When I was struggling in my business, one of the problems I had, apart from lack of leads, was that when a new person got enrolled, there was no continuity of duplication so people who were on my 4th level downwards were just wandering around in the dark and doing their own thing. Eventually they got fed up and quit.

Building a powerful MLM downline and a successful business can be simple if you are able to put these tips into practice and teach your team to do the same.

If you scrutinise the businesses of successful network marketers, you will come to a realisation that they consciously or sub-consciously have these 3 critical success activities going on in their business.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in. You too can also put these activities in place in your current business and begin to build a massive MLM downline and a successful network marketing business.


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– To Your Success And Abundance

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