MLM Prospecting Versus Pitching – Get This Wrong And You Will Be Broke And Frustrated!

mlm prospectingIn this article I want to make a very clear distinction between MLM prospecting and pitching because a lot of network marketers seem to get these two activities mixed up and I think it’s high time we set the record straight.

What Is MLM Prospecting?

MLM Prospecting is not about walking up to every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes across your path and telling them about your business opportunity. Its not about throwing your opportunity all over the place or posting your links all over peoples’ Facebook wall.

Prospecting is about finding candidates who have a need for what you have to offer. Its about making sure that there is a match between what your prospect wants and what you have to offer.

What Is Pitching?

When you joined your MLM home business, I’m 99% sure that you were told to talk to all your family and friends about your opportunity, about how amazing your compensation plan is and how this opportunity is the best ever.

People don’t care anymore about how great your compensation plan is so when you keep pushing your opportunity down peoples’ throats, then you are actually pitching your business and people hate to be pitched on anything.

When you pitch to family and friends, good old Uncle Tom may not even have a clue what MLM is and may not have the slightest desire to have an MLM home business.

When you hang around shopping malls and parking lots talking to strangers about your opportunity, that is called pitching and not MLM prospecting.

When you hand out fliers to every living soul walking down the street, that is called pitching.

The Difference Between MLM Prospecting And Pitching

Going back to uncle Tom, if you know that he has an interest in home businesses, then it’s certainly a great idea to expose your opportunity to him because you already know that he is interested in home businesses. This is MLM prospecting.

On the other hand, if Aunty Sue has never expressed an interest in anything to do with MLM home businesses or making money and you keep hounding her about your business, that is pitching.

I hope are starting to get the distinction between MLM prospecting and pitching your business.

The key is to present your business to people who are already looking or have an interest in home businesses.

Now, I’m not saying that these methods do not work, there are actually some people who have built successful businesses using these methods. In 21st century, these methods do not work as well as they did in the 80’s ok.

Get this, things have changed from what it was in the 70’s or 80’s.

However, you may get lucky and fool a couple of people into joining you but this is generally a very ineffective approach if you want to build a successful MLM business in the 21st century.

Pitching Will Make You Frustrated And Broke

If you are pitching your MLM prospects and harassing them until they join you, you are going to end up being frustrated and broke because these people do not have a clue what they are getting into so you will continually have to babysit them.

Have you noticed that when you continually pester someone to join your business, they run away so fast, they stop picking up your phone calls and start to avoid you? Then word goes round and all your friends start to label you as a desperate salesman or woman.

On the flip side, you can avoid all that embarrassment and frustration by prospecting the right way.

MLM Prospecting Vs Pitching – You Choose!

MLM prospecting done the right way will help you sieve through all the types of people out there and zero down to qualified people who are either already in a network marketing business or are looking to join one. Infact, they will actually come to you for more information about your company so that puts you in a great position.

When you prospect the right way instead of pitching, you get rid of all the tire kickers and time wasters and focus on MLM prospects who already have an interest in what you are doing.

Would you rather continue to pitch and get frustrated or would you rather engage in MLM prospecting and build a successfull organisation? You choose!

Now that you know the difference between pitching and MLM prospecting, you can identify where you stand and start to prospect rather than pitch.

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