Organo Gold Review – Can Organo Gold Really Make You Rich?

organo gold

If you are reading this Organo Gold review, you are probably looking for some more information about this company.

In this review, I  will give you exactly what you need to know if you are thinking of joining the company.

Please note that I am not a rep for Organo Gold, so this is an unbiased review.

Organo Gold Review – The Company

Organo Gold is a fairly new network marketing company that was founded by Bernie Chua who is from the Philippines.  They have their headquarters in US and Canada and are currently operating in Europe, North America and Latin America.

The whole idea behind Organo is that they have positioned themselves to tap into the billion dollar industry of coffee drinkers as well as the billion dollar health industry. It is a well known fact that coffee is second highest trading commodity in the world with oil and gas being the second.

Organo Gold Review – Products

Organo Gold products are made from a traditional mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum which is claimed to have incredible healing properties. There have been testimonies that it has helped with diabetes and cancer tumours.

Ganoderma itself has a horrible taste but Organo Gold has been able to put it into coffee and make it taste very nice. For coffee lovers, this is an excellent product because they can now have great tasting coffee and enjoy the added health benefits.

If you are thinking of joining Organo gold, you might want to do your own research on Ganoderma so that you will be armed with all the information about what you will be promoting.

Organo Gold Review –  Compensation Plan

Organo gold has an excellent compensation plan which is a binary compensation plan whereby your team is built on two legs. They have seven ways of getting paid: the retail bonus, fast track, team bonus, unilevel bonus as well as matching bonuses.

Can Organo Gold Make You Good Money?

The short answer is yes.

Organo Gold is a credible company and has a great opportunity and excellent products.

However that in itself will not make you rich. You have to have a system that shows you how to brand yourself and market yourself in the right way.

My only concern is that if you are going to be successful with Organo Gold, you have to have a way of getting leads for your business.

The truth of the matter is that the old school method of contacting all your family and friends about your Organo business is getting harder and harder and is very uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Simply put, to be successful in Organo Gold, you need to have a system that allows you to generate leads without begging family and friends or stalking people in shopping malls or worse still, handing out flyers to everybody and anybody.

So if you are going to join Organo Gold, I would highly recommend that you have a fully branded Attraction Marketing System that will help you to attract qualified leads to you.

Just imagine that you have 10 to 20 qualified people to talk to everyday about your business. Would that make a difference to your business.

What if you could also sign up just 2 to 3 reps a week from the leads you are getting everyday.

It’s definitely possible and if that’s what you want to see happen in your Organo Gold business, here is what you need to do right now:

Click here for a free presentation on how to generate 10 to 20 daily leads and sponsor more people into your Organo Gold business.

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