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Shaklee ReviewsIf you have found yourself on this page, you have probably been doing a search for Shaklee Reviews and came across my blog.

You have come to the right place and I will be providing an honest, unbiased information that will help you in making your decision.

I will also give you some information on how you can build it into a very profitable business so make sure you pay good attention to the information in this Shaklee review.


Shaklee Reviews – The Management

The Shaklee Corporation is a company that makes health products that are internationally known from their effectiveness and great composition of all natural ingredients.

Roger Barnett, who is the CEO and chairman of the Shaklee Corporation, graduated from Yale Law School with an undergraduate degree and a masters in business, this enabled him to get some top jobs that eventually led him to head the Shaklee Corporation.

Already known internationally, Shaklee is very competitive in bringing the latest health products that are effective, safe and proven to the people who need them.


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Shaklee Reviews – The Products

Shaklee Corporation offers a wide range of products for nutrition, weight, beauty and for the home.

With 3 statements for their product philosophy, which are “always safe”, “always works” and “always green”, they are one of the leading health products manufacturers globally.

Always safe – which means their products are properly tested, and are considered safe for all types of people.

Always works – which means that they don’t fool around with cheap gimmicks in order to make a quick buck with their clients.

Always green – which means that they use only the highest quality natural ingredients in their products.


Shaklee Reviews – The Opportunity

With a starting fee of $300, you will be provided with a kit that will help you get started in this line of business.

Included in the kit are: an assortment of products, a 3 month contract for a personal website, training and marketing materials, the rights to engage in the Shaklee business anywhere where it is active, and a free merchandise coupon.

The company pays out an upfront commission when you retail their products and you also have the potential of building a great residual income.

Overall the compensation looks very lucrative, considering the fact that the company has already paid out over $4 billion in commissions.


Shaklee Reviews – Should You Join?

That decision is up to you.

However, one thing you need to understand is that for you to succeed in any network marketing company you MUST understand how to generate a quality leads so that you will never run out of prospects.

A lot of people fail in network marketing because they have exhausted their friends and family and have no one else to prospect.

So learning how to generate leads is very important for you to succeed in Shaklee.

If you have more leads than you have time, then you will be massively successful with this company.

p.s. I hope this has been one of the most helpful Shaklee Reviews that you have come across.


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