Sisel International Review – A Must Read Before You Sign Up!

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sisel reviewIf you have found yourself on this Sisel International review you are probably looking for some more information about this company.

This is a third party review and my goal is to give you all the facts so that you can make a well informed decision.

I will also give you some tips on how you can be ahead of 95% of your competition if you do decide to sign up.

Sisel International Review – About the company

Sisel International was founded by Tom Mower Snr and his son, Tom Mower Jnr back in 2006. Tom Mower is a well known name in the network marketing industry and he was also the founder of a network marketing company called Neways in the 1970’s.

The company has grown steadily since 2006 and has expanded internationally to over 10 countries including Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

Tom Mower invested $100 million of his own money into Sisel International so that Sisel can be in control of the entire production process for al their products. This in itself is a very strong foundation for the company.

sisel international review

Sisel International Review – The Products

Sisel International carries a range of products from skincare to haircare products, dental products, nutritional products and household products. Their products are made from high quality materials and ingredients.

All their products are manufactured in their 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Utah. As a result they have total control on the quality of their products and that’s what makes them distinct from a lot of network marketing companies out there.

Their premier product if the Eternity nutritional drink which is made up of several fruits and ingredients and it has key benefits like increasing energy levels, slowing down the aging process, assisting in weight loss and general health and well being.

Sisel International Review – Compensation Plan

Joining Sisel International requires an initial start up cost and you’ll have to maintain a monthly autoship to remain active.

Their compensation plan is a unilevel one. You get paid in 5 different ways including a fast start when you sign up sign up new distributors. Sisel International has a good plan when it comes to upfront income and residual income.

Obiviously, your income will depend on your team’s production.

Sisel International Review – In Conclusion…

From my research, Sisel International is a highly credible company and the fact that the owner, Tom Mower personally invested $100 million into this company is a good indication that it’s here to stay.

What’s also good about Sisel International is that they have a strong management team, their products are fantastic and their compensation plan is also good.

However, just because they have all these things going for them doesn’t mean that anyone that joins them will become an automatic success story.

A lot of people rush into Sisel International with no clue of how they are going to market their business, other than talking to family and friends.

This is a wrong approach, because when you run out of family and friends, you will get stuck and that would be the end of your business.

Therefore my recommendation is that you find a sponsor who is experienced in the industry and knows what he or she is doing.

Secondly, you need to learn how to get all the mlm training that you can get so that you can learn how to market effectively and generate 10 – 20 fresh leads every single day.

If you can do these two things, you will become very successful in Sisel International – obviously that’s if you decide to join, I leave that decision to you.

sisel international review


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  1. Ruth – great reveiw and totally agree, not every makes it and having a mentor or coach to guide you along the way can really help you achieve success.

    • That’s right Brenda. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey Ruth, great review. I love how you are straight forward and honest about the company. It would be great if many others took the same approach as yours. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Steve.

  3. Thanks for your review, as I have not heard of this one before.

    • Alecia, there are so many companies popping up everyday that its hard to keep track…lol!

  4. Thanks for the great review.

    • Thanks Piyush.

  5. Thanks for doing this review Ruth. Your honesty on network marketing is very refreshing.

  6. I’m researching Sisel now and have a friend waiting for my review.
    I can add anything to my blog for marketing since I am well set up and have an anti-aging category on my blog.
    There are many factors to look at for sure which is why I take some time to sign in to programs.
    Add this to the fact that I don’t like most MLMs and I am a hard sell.
    Having said that I really like the product selection but I hate autoship.
    I like to get my products when I want and not ship across borders to here in Canada.
    Do they have a dsitribution center in Canada?
    I do though like the fact that each distributor is worth 3-4 times what most are which is a well known fact that it’s 6 dollars per dsitributor.
    So make money with less folks…that’s appealling.
    Plus I use many of these products now so just reroute our money.
    Lastly the owner has built the production center and owns it out right so total control of the whole process from start to finish.

    • Hi Nicholas, I’m not sure if they have a distribution center in Canada. Are you a distributor or do you just use their products?

  7. I wanted to make a point about this post about the manufacturing facility. You need to add another zero at the end of the size of the plant. It is 400,000 square feet or close to 13 acres. I use their products every day and it has made a difference in stability of blood sugar. Furthermore, I have seen that typical network marketers fail to get a grasp of the product line with most companies. That is different with SISEL in many ways. Most of our distributors really know about the product line, because SISEL is product driven. Even though the compensation plan is phenomenal, the product line solves many problems for individuals, so when communication happens, it is not difficult to sign somebody up who has health concerns or a desire to live better with more energy and longevity. For those that think it is more energy efficient for a company to have a manufacturing plant in every country, they are sadly mistaken as a plant has very high energy demands. Sure, shipping uses energy for those that are concerned, but it is far less than what would be used if plants were opened in other countries.

    • Hey Larry,

      Thanks for pointing that out. Really appreciate it.

      All the best with your business.


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