What To Look For When Choosing The Best Network Marketing Business

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the best network marketing companyA lot of people are pitching their business and calling it the best thing since sliced bread and of course everyone wants to believe that their company is the best network marketing business.

However, if you think about it a little deeper, what truly makes a company the best one to join?

Is it the compensation plan?

The fact that it’s a ground floor opportunity?

That it’s debt free?

Or could it be because they have a bunch of high profile network marketers on board?

Everything I’ve mentioned here contributes  to making a great company but I think that what makes a network marketing business the best one to join is more than all of these factors?


So what should you look out for when choosing the best network marketing business?


Team support:

Joining a company that has a strong team support system is so important.

I’m in no way saying that your success solely depends on your team but being part of a highly motivated and vibrant team helps a long way.

As marketers, we all need the help we can get and there are times when you will feel discouraged.

So being part of a team that’s proactive and energized helps so much.

In my company, I’m part of a team that’s like a family and they are so willing to help and I can tell you that it’s priceless.



This somehow ties in with the team you are part of, but having a mentor in your company that you can mastermind with and come up with strategies to succeed is critical.

I just had a session with my mentor in my company and I cannot emphasize how much that helps in giving a clear direction of where you should be headed.

I think lack of mentorship is one of the biggest reasons people struggle.

Think about it this way, if you are trying to get to Point A and you know someone who has already been there, doesn’t it make more sense to let the person who has traveled that journey guide you?

That would save you a lot of time and energy than trying to figure it out all on your own.


A System That Works:

Having a proven system that works and working it is also very important.

Of course, not everyone has the patience and motivation to work a system but for those who do, it’s so important for the company you join to have a system.

Your company needs to have a system or strategy for getting leads.


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Whether it’s offline or online strategies, ‘the best network marketing business’ will have a system for lead generation.

Without leads, your business will die.

These are the three rocks that you should look out  for when choosing the best network marketing business.

I believe that most legitimate network marketing companies can be your vehicle to your success but you have to take it upon yourself to make sure that the company you join passes these criteria.

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  1. Great post,having a great leader in your team is essential for mentoring and team support. Great post Ruth.

  2. Great post Ruth! picking the right company, leader & training is so vital… :)

    • Great to see you here Ted! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Ruth. There is so much more to expect from an opportunity than just the product. Support and advice is so valuable.

  4. Hi Ruth, Another awesome high quality post! Team support, mentorship, and a system, gotta love it when those 3 elements are in place and you combine in consistent activity and the right attitude its game over!

  5. Great post Ruth,you shared a lot of valuable information,that people looking for a home business can use.But I believe many others will also find value in studying what you have shared. Thank you for sharing. God bless you in business and in life.

    • Thanks Daniel, its great to see you here. Do you have a blog? I’d love to stop by yours too.

  6. Those are very good points, there are many mlm companies out there, support and leadership is a critical factor for being able to develop more leaders. Thanks for sharing Ruth.

    • Thanks for your comment Dorsey. I always look for leadership and a strong support system when looking at opportunities.

  7. Hi Ruth, These are all very valid points for choosing a network marketing business. I found it very valuable information. Awesome! Warmest Regards Shirley

  8. Hi Ruth,
    It really true that most people jump into programs without even considering how they are going to market it. I liked the point: Whether it’s offline or online strategies – very important point !

    • Hey Elizabeth, that’s the downfall of network marketers – not knowing how to market.

  9. Hi Ruth,

    Great points. A supportive team and mentorship is so important in any business. And of course, it keeps up the motivation and momentum. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Ruth,

    Having a great team will help with success and I strongly believe that if you are new having those people around will be a big help. New people will always need someone to turn too for help. Thanks for sharing your great post.

    Tristram Lodge

  11. Great post Ruth,
    We definitely need to research network marketing businesses before we join forces. Having a great mentor is also key, thanks for sharing.


  12. Having a great product that can compete in the open market is also a sign of a great company.


  13. Hi Ruth, I have to agree, great post. I have learnt to my detriment that you do indeed need to have a great team leader to guide and mentor you. A lot of the time when people get into Network Marketing once they’ve joined the business they feel alone and do not know where to turn. I truly believe it’s not necessarily the product or company but the indiviuals, that make up that company.

    You are very lucky to have an upline that see’s the advantage of looking after their downline.

    • Michelle, I totally agree with you there. People join people, not companies or opportunities.

  14. Ruth,
    Great post on the importance of having a good leader. Thanks for sharing!


  15. You’ve mentioned some great tips when searching for the best networking marketing business Ruth.

    Nicely written.

  16. Awesome post Ruth! I love the characteristics of a good network marketing opportunity that you outline here: Team Support, Mentorship, and a Proven System that works. These are things I was missing when I started my network marketing career and the lack of all of the above made me quit, start again, quit and start again. I am grateful I have an awesome team, a great mentor, and a way to build my business now. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!

  17. Great tips, joining the best is one that really relates to you. Thanks.

    • Yes Alecia, it’s important to join a company that you are passionate about.

  18. Hi Ruth,

    Great job here! There are too many network marketing business in the business world now. Some can be trusted but there are few that are scam! But through the factors/pointers you have given here I can say we can now identify the working network marketing to those who are only good at words. Thanks!


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