Top 4 MLM Tools For Marketing Your MLM Business Effectively

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mlm toolsYou might be wondering what MLM tools you need to build a successful MLM business online.

If you are, you’ve come to the right place, because I am going to tell you the critical tools you need for your business.

In any business including MLM, you need the right tools to get results.

If you are using the wrong tools, you will end up going round and round in circles and never achieving any specific results.

So here are the key tools you need:


#1 MLM Tool – A Capture Page or Squeeze Page

The number mlm tool you need if you are considering taking your mlm business online is a capture page.

(Some people call it a squeeze page but they are basically the same thing).

A capture is a web page with a form that captures people’s information.

However, for people to give you their information, you need to have something on your capture that is appealing and captivating.

Here’s an example below.

Notice that my offer (the red bold letters) is something that anyone in the MLM business would be interested in.

mlm tools

 The great thing about using capture pages is that it sorts out the wheat from the shaft and it leaves you with people who are interested in your offer.

You can also drive traffic to your capture pages and generate huge amounts of targeted leads that will either buy something from you or join your business eventually.


#2 MLM Tool – Sales Page

When people get to your capture page and leave their information, they will be directed to a sales page.

The sales page is designed to market your offer to your leads and it’s also very powerful to have some testimonials on it  for social proof.

If you are marketing a low cost offer, for example MLSP, a small percentage of your leads will buy immediately.

Even if they don’t buy immediately, you already have their information, and you should continue to build a relationship with them through your autoresponder (which is the next tool we will talk about) and you will make more sales by doing that.

You can also pick up the phone and call them if they have left their phone number.

If you are consistent , you will be able to backend a lot of your leads into your primary mlm company.



#3 MLM Tool – Auto Responder

This is one of the mlm tools that is very critical to your success if you are marketing on the internet.

An autoresponder is a tool that helps you to communicate with your leads whenever you want and however you want. This tool will also help you to store your database of leads that you have generated from your capture page.

You can also create a series of personalised marketing messages that will be emailed daily to your leads all on autopilot.

There are a number of auto responder tools out there. I use aweber and it’s very reliable. You can read my Aweber review here.


#4 MLM Tool – A marketing system

If you are new to marketing your business online, then you will need a marketing system that will help you to implement everything that we have talked about.

There are a number of systems out there but I use My Lead System Pro and it’s been very effective in my marketing.

With My Lead System Pro, you get ready made capture pages and sales pages, customizable capture pages, which makes it easy for you to start marketing right away and generate leads for your business.

Here’s a screenshot of what’s possible with MLSP.

mlm tools

Leads so far for Jan 2012


In Conclusion

There is nothing wrong with the traditional network marketing system but network marketers are starting to look for an alternative way to get leads, so they turn to the internet.

The internet is great and you can achieve great success from marketing your business online but remember that these are mlm tools and not a magic pill.

You have to learn how to market effectively and that’s why I highly recommend My Lead System Pro.

Are you struggling with leads? Click here for the EXACT blueprint I use to generate up to 36 leads per day for my business.



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  1. Some great results there Ruth – I love MLSP too, it has been a game changer for me also and I have met some fantastic people through it too – It’s not just a place to educate yourself, it is a place to form relationships with like minded people that can go on to be very rewarding – and hey that’s where I met you too!!


  2. Great post Ruth, a marketing system is very important for network marketing or any MLM business.

  3. Hi Ruth!

    I must shamefully admit that it has been awhile since I’ve visited your blog! This is so true… All these tools are a must have. Even if you screw everything else up, make SURE you’ve got that lead capture page and the autoresponder!

  4. Ruth, as usual you are bringing the value to the table!! High Five to MLSP it’s been a great help for me also.

  5. Hey Ruth!
    MLSP is definitely the way to go. It has been an invaluable resource for myself throughout my online marketing journey.
    I’m with Nicky also…the community is what sets MLSP apart!

  6. Ruth,
    Thanks for sharing. Those are 4 important things to have in order to have a successful MLM business!

    Wendy Elwell

  7. Great post Ruth, I have enjoyed your content greatly. I do not do network marketing but I can relate. It is most educative.

  8. Hey Ruth! I know you are a champion in MLSP!! I can’t wait to see you as an L4, I know it won’t be long…anyone that does any kind of coaching with you WILL get results as long as they take the necessary action!

    • Hey Anne,
      Great to see you here! And thanks for the compliment!


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